Personal Insolvency Practitioner

Personal Insolvency Practitioner

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Personal Insolvency Practitioner

We don’t only work with businesses. We apply our experience and know-how to help people in personal financial difficulty.

Working with empathy

We know how stressful and worrying critical personal financial situations can be.  We know you don’t need molly-coddling.  What you do need is support, clarity and empathy. Dealing with personal debt can be a heavy burden.  Our role to ease the pressure of that burden - making sure you’re clear about your options and the steps you need to take to achieve them.

Our Services

We specialise in four distinct areas.


Expert advice and guidance with this most difficult and stressful of personal situations.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

An alternative approach to personal bankruptcy.  We’ll explore, analyse and advise.

Partnership Insolvency

Dealing with a partnership insolvency partnership has an impact not only on the business but also the individual partners.

Insolvent Deceased Estates

Dealing with somebody's affairs after they have passed is always difficult, but when the estate is insolvent it becomes even more stressful.

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Find out more about how we can support you with when your personal finances are difficult. We’re here to help with clear, straightforward support.

Call us on 0116 2325117 (Leicester) or 01926 671891 (Warwick), or email us on