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Dedicated to helping you if you are worried about insolvency.

Insolvency Information for Directors

If you are worried about your business and need advice, these pages are for you.

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Dedicated to helping you if you are worried about insolvency.

If you are reading this then chances are that you are asking yourself a few questions, the most common being 'is my business insolvent?'. With decades of experience behind us, we understand that most businesses go through money issues at some stage. Firstly, the good news is that many survive and continue trading. That said, when you are juggling cashflow problems, bounce back loan repayments, HMRC and other creditors as well as concerns over payroll and potential redundancies, you don't need someone to tell you not to worry, you need sensible, plain English, advice.

This part of our site is dedicated solely to getting you the instant guidance you need so that you know where you stand.

To make things easier we have split the site into the main areas of concern, so just click on the one that is nearest to your own problems. From there you will be able to click through to clear guidance on what to do, what your potential solutions and their consequences are and what continuing help you will probably need. Some sections have clear, plain English, downloads for you to take away. Some have video support where one of our team will offer the benefit of their experience. All have the basic information you need to help you make a decision.

A word about the big red button.

Around the site, you will see a BRB (a big red button) that you can press in an emergency. It is there for your peace of mind. As you go through the information in the help pages we hope you will be able to leave again confident that you are not in financial difficulties. However, if you read or see anything that sets off the alarm bells or you arrived here fairly sure that you are already heading for insolvency, press the button. It will take you to a page where you can arrange a free consultation so we can help you assess your problems in context. We are here to help. It is not our place to judge you or force you into any decisions. Hitting that BRB will access the help you need. So, don't hesitate to use it if you are concerned.

In these help pages...


Worried about insolvency?

This selection is all about what insolvency is, what your liabilities could be and what you need to do if you think you are insolvent.


Paying your Bounce Back Loan (BBL).

We are seeing so many problems for businesses caused by the need to repay these that we felt it needed its own help section. This section looks at what to do if you are struggling with your payments. 


Dealing with creditors

This section looks at the various aspects related to the pressure you get from creditors and the legal problems associated with owing money you cannot pay including course orders and winding up orders.


HMRC arrears

Owning money to HMRC because of outstanding tax and VAT bills is probably the most common symptom of money problems. This section looks at what that could mean and what actions they could take.


Directors and redundancy

Business owners often tell us that redundancy is one of the most difficult parts of facing financial problems. This section will give you a clearer view of what redundancy means to you and your team.

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Find out more about our insolvency, liquidation or recovery service.  Learn how we can support you with clear, straightforward and empathetic guidance and support.

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