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About Us

Insolvency, Liquidation & Recovery - How we work

We cover Leicestershire and Warwickshire and are happy to work further afield.  We’re handily placed to support businesses with insolvency issues throughout the UK.

You might be surprised at how we approach our work.  You might be expecting us to be hard-nosed and unsympathetic - marching into your premises, dictating what you can and what you can’t do!  You couldn’t be more wrong.  Whether we’re dealing with administration, liquidation, re-financing or re-structuring, our approach is the same.  We operate according to three non-negotiable values.  We call them our …

Three Pillars of Principle
Efficiency | Integrity | Empathy


When business is in crisis, there’s no time to waste.  We act quickly and efficiently.  We’ll

We’re committed to clarity.  In other words, we never hide behind jargon.  We know that what matters most is that you understand exactly where you and your business stand.

We always explain your options.  You may be surprised to learn that, however dire your situation seems to be, you almost always have choices.

Our first meeting with you is always free and comes with no obligation.  Our fees are fair and affordable.  Before you engage us, we always ensure that you clearly understand how our fees are structured.


As Insolvency Practitioners, we have clear responsibilities, both legal and ethical to you and to your creditors.  We’re 100% committed to carrying these out in a way that’s both transparent, compliant and fair.


We genuinely understand how stressful and worrying critical businesses situations can be.  We know you don’t need to be molly-coddled.  You need support and advice that’s clear and straightforward.  But you also need an empathetic approach.  Dealing with a business crisis is a heavy burden to bear.  We see our role to ease the pressure of that burden - making sure that all processes are carried out as smoothly, swiftly and with the minimum of stress to you and your colleagues, partners or employees.

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Find out more about how we can support you when times are tough.  We’re here to help with clear, straightforward support.

Call us on 0116 2325117 (Leicester), 01926 671891 (Warwick), 02476 017639 (Coventry), 01604 263179 (Northampton) or email us on info@smartbusinessrecovery.co.uk