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We frequently produce videos to offer some easy to access help, guidance, and general information. When we produce these we try to cover the general questions we are asked, some insights into better management of your business finances and current news, changes to legislation, and similar areas that could prove useful. 

Videos are a good overview of questions but please always remember that like any content they need to be general in nature. Your issues or the guidance you need is specific to you and will need a unique response.

Call us if any of these videos raise issues we can help you with.

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What’s left for you? What will the change to HMRC preferential creditor status really mean to SMEs?

Up until the early 2000s HMRC were a preferential creditor in cases of insolvency. When this changed in 2003 it was ... more

Dividends, Overdrawn Loan Accounts and Insolvency - Updated

This is a very common problem in insolvency and here is the reason why!! At some stage, a director of a new ... more

Keep your cashflow forecast up to date – 5 tips and 1 warning

Why then are we bothering to dedicate a full article and video to cashflow forecasts if they are so common? Well, ... more

Bankrupt, Insolvent or in need of rescue?

  What happens when you reach out to an Insolvency Practitioner?   I doubt any business owner ... more

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