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Solvent Liquidation

Solvent Liquidation

Helping return money to shareholders
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Solvent Liquidation

What happens with a Solvent Liquidation?

This is when your company is solvent, but you and your fellow directors wish to cease trading and wind up the company.  It works by realising all the assets, using these funds to pay off the creditors and return the remaining funds as shareholders’ capital. First of all you should know that Insolvency Practitioners will refer to these as Members' Voluntary Liquidations or MVLs.

How an MVL works 

Whilst a solvent liquidation is a process, we know we can add value to that process. In the weeks and months before putting your business into a solvent liquidation, we’ll work with you to set out a clear process for bringing your business to a close.

Our fee

Clearly, the cost of the liquidation process is important. We’ll be open and fair about the cost to you, which we’ll often apply on a fixed fee basis.

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