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What is Administration?

If your company is insolvent or close to insolvency, you have the choice of putting it into Administration. The process gives you time and space to achieve one of the following -

Administration is also an option for partnerships. Read more about Partnership Administration.

How do we approach our role?

We begin by advising you and your fellow directors as to whether administration is a viable option. We’ll act as administrators and, with solicitors, arrange to place your company into administration.

We’ll then act as the Administrator, giving your company protection against creditors.

Within eight weeks of our appointment, we send our proposals to the creditors. They, in turn, will choose to approve, modify, or reject these proposals.

How does an Administration come to an end?

In one of the following ways

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Company Voluntary Arrangement

What is a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) This happens if your company becomes insolvent and you come to an arrangement with your creditors to delay ... more

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