About Gavin

About Gavin

gavin bates

I have been working in the insolvency and business recovery world since 1990.  For many businesses, the issues of insolvency and cash flow can be difficult to deal with and it can difficult to know whom to turn to and what is the right advice.  As a licenced insolvency practitioner I focus on helping directors and their business to understand the issues, the possible solutions and answer the many questions they will have.

To achieve this, I focus on understanding your business first, then what the directors and business want to achieve, taking the time to make sure everyone is fully aware of options open to them and the advantages and disadvantages of each option.  Values and integrity are very much a part of what I do and insolvency and finance are very much about good advice, trust and integrity.

Financial problems are common but the solutions required are not, they are individual. I believe that the people involved in insolvency and other financial issues are the most important part of the resolution process.

I also specialise in solvent liquidations (or commonly referred to as MVL's). This type of work is very different to insolvency matters and should be planned long in advance. In general, directors are looking to retire or exit the business and want to ensure that this is completed correctly but also in a tax efficient manner. I work with your accountant to ensure the process is smooth and the funds are returned to shareholders as soon as possible.

Finally, I also work with individuals who have personal insolvency issues. Obviously, this can be very stressful for those involved, but I believe that if the individual understands the process then it will be easier to deal with.

Of course, I am not all about work.  In fact, I used to be involved in ultimate frisbee, and I still would be but my knees now have very different ideas.  These days  I have to settle for watching my children play the game instead. 

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